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1. How can we contact you?
You can contact us on the following ways:

  • Call the central office 56-01-49, 56-05-82, 56-05-86 telephone numbers, then dial internal number. If you have questions about casino games, problems connected with our offices, wnat to cooperate or advertise,want to contact our management, you can dial "109". If your bet has been calculated incorrectly, you have replenished game account or filled in your personal data incorrectly, dial "109" after our telephone number.
  • Send us a letter in "My mail" section
  • Connect us via Live Support.

2. How can I register on your website?
To register on our website visit "Register" section in the upper right corner. Please be careful and take into account the proposed registration requirements, in order to avoid further problems. We recommend that you get acquainted with our rules in advance.

3. Why is it necessary to fill in the passport data?
It is done for your safety. Only you will be able to get your winnings presenting your identification document.

4. What data needs to be mentioned while registration in the website or receiving the winning?
Only data of passport,driver license, military card.

5. Where can I see my account number?
You can see your account number, given by the company, in the section "My Card", "My Data" ID: 19….

6. In what case is the account blocked?
The accound is blocked:

  • If your style of betting does not correspond to the rules of our company
  • If your account is replenished by mistake.
  • If you use obscene phrases during telephone or "Live Support" conversation.
  • To find out the reason call one of our telephone numbers and dial "109".

7. Can the currency be changed?
The currency of the game account which has already been opened cannot be changed. LLC "SportyBet" is informing that in present you can have only one account opened on AMD, in future You can open another account with other currency adding a new e-mail address.

8. How can a third person have an access to my page?
It may happen when you log out from your page without clicking on the "Log out" button, but just close the page using the "X" button.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

1. How can I replenish my game account?
You can replanish your account by using terminals and also via other money tranfer systems like Telcell, Tandem, Megapay, IDram and Arca.

2. How can I receive my winning?
In order to receive your winnings, you need to make a request. You can get winnings in the fallowing addresses Yerevan, Getari 4/17, Baghramyan av. 1/4.
You can make requests for winnings every day from 10:00 to 02:00, except Fridays. On Friday, You can make requests for winnings from 10:00 to 24:00.
Winnings will be available from 10:00 to 19:00 in the fallawing addresses Yerevan, Getari 4/17, and from Baghramyan 1/4 till 02:00.
You can also order the delivery of your winning, delivery service works from 15.00 till 22.00, every day.

3. I have sent a request twice but I can’t get the sum of my second request.
As long as you do not receive the sum of the first request, you can’t make the second request.
Your second request simply will not be accepted by the program.

4. What happens to my winnings if I made a inquiry but haven’t received it?
The inquiry is saved for three days in the system. If you don’t get your winning sum within three days, your inquiry will be invalid and the sum will be returned to your account.

5. How can I change the wrong personal data?
If the personal data were filled incorrectly, You should contact us by calling intenrnet department, via Live Support or by e-mail.

6. What should I do if I have forgotten my password or login?
Try to restore it on your website entering "Forgot your password" section. In some cases (e.g. the email address is wrong or there is any technical incorrectness, etc.) it can’t be restored. You should contact us by calling intenrnet department, via Live Support or by e-mail.

7. What should I do when another person learns my password/login?
You should immediately inform the Internet department of the central office about it. We will block Your account and try to solve this problem.

8. How can I transfer sum from one URbetPoker account to another?
You cannot transfer sums from one URbetPoker account to another one.

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